Do you suffer from Acid Reflux?

Virtually everyone who has reflux assumes that it is acid reflux when in many cases it is alkaline reflux...

How Can FX-Med Help You?

The symptoms outlined above are treated with medications or supplements, with little or no concern over their underlying CAUSE. Treating the root cause is the ONLY way to alleviate the symptoms wreaking havoc on your quality of life, enabling you to enjoy life, free from these (sometimes) crippling ailments. 


Functional medicine explores the underlying dysfunctions within your body within the context of your lifestyle choices and goals. Restoring proper function is analogous to putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

Taking Acid-Suppressing Drugs?

Were you told by your doctor that you need to reduce stomach acid because of your acid reflux?

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Frequently Feeling Wired and Tired?

Everyone knows how important energy is, but what most people don't know is how energy is created and how to naturally improve their metabolism...

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