Comprehensive Testing & Treatment Plan

Biochemistry is the process by which your body uses nutrients to function. These nutrients include amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Physiological and biochemical processes in the body are a highly sophisticated web of interactions and the most effective approach to correcting any dysfunction in any metabolic process in the body is to complete a medical history intake combined with comprehensive biochemical testing.

Biochemistry is simply how the body uses amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and fats to do its job, and how infections, environmental toxins (e.g., toxic metals, solvents), and allergies interfere with optimal biochemical function to cause symptoms and diseases. If a person was not sick last year or last month, and he or she is sick now, then something’s changed in his or her biochemistry.


Through sophisticated functional biochemical testing, the underlying causes of multiple symptoms and diseases can be analyzed simultaneously and quickly corrected to promote health. Modifications of biochemical functioning using targeted therapies require clinicians to be specifically trained to properly conceptualize, interpret and apply this multivariate approach to dynamic physiological processes.


This approach can be curative. This paradigm of medicine must be implemented!

Treatment Plans

The concept and clinical application of providing customized treatments based on this biochemical testing is the major concept that underlies functional biochemical testing and the subsequent treatment approaches, all of which are based on pure science, clinical trials, and more than one hundred years of medical observations and experimentation. More often than not, treatments based on biochemical testing are correcting the specific problems that contribute directly to the patient’s symptoms and diseases. At the same time, clinicians skilled in this paradigm can evaluate the data to predict future diseases and symptoms, which can also be corrected to prevent future disease expression.