Can't Get Pregnant?

The standard recommendation of adding "synthetic" folic acid at high doses to the diet of women who are pregnant, has indeed been shown to reduce the risk of neural tube defects in newborns. What is not well communicated, however, is that without appropriate levels of B12 (in the right form), folate (which is metabolized from folic acid) cannot be used correctly.


Methylation is a process the body undergoes at a biochemical level, metabolizing compounds by adding what is known as a ‘methyl group,' which regulates gene expression and protein function. It is essential for making the appropriate nutrients in the correct forms at the right times. Having an MTHFR genetic defect, for example, has been proven to significantly inhibit methylation, leading to physiological and biochemical defects such as, but not limited to; increased risk of heart disease, heart attack, strokes, diabetes, and many neurological diseases and cancers. In fact, almost any disease can be caused by methylation defects.


I have personally treated three couples in the last two years with methylation defects. These couples had histories of infertility to multiple miscarriages. Through the addition of simple nutrients to their diets, which their bodies were unable to produce in sufficient quantities, they successfully went on to deliver three beautiful healthy babies.